Laser Therapy/ Acupuncture

We are excited to offer a new therapeutic laser for your  dog, cat, and horses. A relatively new branch of medicine, the Class IV laser delivers a specific wavelength of light energy to damaged cells in the pet’s body. Laser therapy can be used in the patient for many acute and chronic pains, inflammation and wound healing. Laser therapy can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatment plans. It is a safe, non-surgical, and drug-free means of providing reduced inflammation and pain relief. We are happy to consult with you if Laser Therapy is right for your animal.

We can now offer our clients acupuncture. Dr. Mikos has worked very hard for the past 10 months with extensive training. She completed her training with Colorado State.We are very excited to offer more to our patients for pain relief and general well being.

Acupuncture is used in all species. Horses and cattle have been treated with acupuncture in China and Korea since ancient times. Dogs, horses and cats receive acupuncture for many common ailments, and animal athletes are frequently treated for sports injuries.


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  1. the laser therapy worked great for my babygirl when she was spayed. she even had horrible bruising that would take at least 2 weeks to heal and it healed in a week. she also never seemed to be in too much pain. she wanted to always play with the other dogs

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